Top 50 GK Question Answers

Top 50 GK Question Answers


Computer Operator MCQ teams collect Top 50 GK Question Answers for those who are preparing Prasasan Loksewa and Computer Operator New Syllabus.

Top 50 GK Question Answers

1: Which is the SAARC nation without river?

Ans: Maldives

2: How many landlock nations are there in Asia?

Ans: 12

3: According to Kelvin, how many centigrade temperatures increase for every 1 KM depth on Earth?

Ans: 30 Centigrade

4: Which district falls in Bheri zone?

Ans: Jajarkot

5: Famous tourist destination ‘Ghandruk’ belongs to which district?

Ans: Kaski

6: How many districts are there in Janakpur zone?

Ans: 6

8: Which country produces the most coffee?

Ans: Brazil

9: Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, belongs to which country?

Ans: Russia

10: Which is the Zonal Headquarters of Sagarmatha Zone?

Ans: Rajbiraj

11: Which is the Capital of Nigeria?

Ans: Abuja

12: What is Lake Forest called?

Ans: Sail

13: Which is the largest office build in the world?

Ans: The Pentagon, USA

14: What is the length of Trishuli?

Ans: 263 km

15: The longest railway tunnel stretch, what is the length of Japan?

Ans: 13.5 Mile

16: The city of Calcutta is on the banks of which river?

Ans: Hooghly

17: Which is the Capital of Trinidad and Tobago?

Ans: Port of Spain

18: Which planet has the most sub-planets?

Ans: Jupiter

19: What is the district headquarters of Kaski?

Ans: Pokhara

20: Which is the Capital of Germany?

Ans: Berlin

21: In the history of Nepal, which festival is known as Basnet festival?

Ans: Bhandarkhal festival

22: Which religious sect did Guru Nanak establish?

Ans: Sheikh

23: How many queens was Prithvinarayan Shah’s mother?

Ans: Miley

24: Who is the first king to hold the title of “Maharaja Dhiraj”?

Ans: Anshubarma

25: Which American President has the honor of “unprecedented American” at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Ans: Abraham Lincoln

26: In which place did Gautama Buddha attain enlightenment by penance?

Ans: Went to India

27: Who is called “Ashukavi”?

Ans: Sambhu Prasad Devkota

28: Who started the practice of giving pension to civil servants?

Ans: Juddha Shumsher

29: Which of the following died as a prince?

Ans: Trailokya Shah

30: How old is the scripture of Islam?

Ans: 114

31: Which is the real name of Janak?

Ans: Shiridhoj

32: Which of the following is not the last name of the four castes?

Ans: Dhyaprin

33: F.M. in Nepal. When did the radio service start?

Ans: VS 2052

34: When was King Tribhuvan born?

Ans: V.S. 1963 Ashadh 17

35: Which river is the mythical name of Tilot?

Ans: Tinau

36: Who ascended the throne of Britain after the Glorious Revolution?

Ans: Prince William

37: The beginning of vocational education is believed to have started from the time of which king?

Ans: Jayasthiti Mall

38: What are the names of Sita’s sons?

Ans: Love and Kush

39: Which is the national game of china?

Ans: Table tennis

40: Who is called “Ashukavi”?

Ans: Sambhu Prasad Devkota

41: When was the Army of the Workers and Peasants formed under Mao?

Ans: 1928

42: Who is the first person to use the term Civil Society?

Ans: Cicero

43: What is the name of each settlement, small and large, in the Lichhavi period?

Ans: Gram

44: When did the great philosopher Confucius die?

Ans: 479 BC

45: The soul is immortal, for whom there is no need to grieve, and for the communicator there is joy in the Hereafter. Whose statement is this?

Ans: Socrates

46: When was Makwanpur conquered?

Ans: September 9, 1819

47: What did Aristotle’s father Nicomasus want to do with Aristotle?

Ans: Physician

48: Who is the first lady Speaker of Nepal?

Ans: Onsari Gharti Magar

49: What does the Citizens’ Charter guarantee?

Ans: All of the above

50: Abraham Lincoln belongs to which country?

Ans: USA

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