Sajya Yatayat Computer Operator Subjective Question

Sajha Yatayat Computer Operator Subjective Question

Computer C.O. Subjective Computer Operator Old Sets

Sajha Yatayat Computer Operator Subjective Question 2079; Hey are you looking for Computer Operator Subjective Question Here our teams are collect the Computer Operator Subjective Question form Sajha Yayayat Examination held on 2079/07/05.

Sajha Yatayat Computer Operator Subjective Question

Section “A” 35 Marks

1. How can software be classified? Explain with examples. (5 marks)

2. Provide a brief description of various control panel items in windows operating system. (5 marks)

3. Explain the process of setting security code to open word document in Microsoft Word. (5 marks)

4. What do you mean by Relative cell referencing and Absolute cell referencing in MS Excel? (2.5+2.5=5 marks)

5. What are queries, forms and reports in a database management system? (5 marks)

6. Describe the generation of computers. (10 marks)

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Section “B” 35 Marks

7. Explain the importance of presentation application for any organization? (5 marks)

8. What is the difference between HTML elements and tags? (5 marks)

9. Differentiate between internet and extranet. (5 marks)

10. What do you mean by Access Control? Describe three different techniques for Access Control. (2+3=5 marks)

11. Describe the main parts of the computer hardware. Differentiate between ROM and RAM and list any 5 devices used to store information. (2+3=5 marks)

12. How soes the use of digital signature ensure authenticity and integrity of messages exchanged between two parties? Explain. (10 marks)

Section “C” 30 Marks

13. According to Electronic Transaction Act (ETA), 2063 what are the duties and authorities of the controller? (5 Marks)

14. What are the major provision relating to Electronic Record and Digital Signature in the Electronic Transaction Act (ETA)? (5 Marks)

15. What do you mean by Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC)? What are the benefits of Government Integrated Data Center? (2+3=5 Marks)

16. What do you understand by the Security Operation Center? Explain its key features. (2+3=5 Marks)

17. Describe the basic requirements defined by Government Website Development and Management Directive, 2078 for development and publishing of government website. (10 Marks)


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