ICT Policy 2072 ICT in Education

ICT Policy 2072 ICT in Education

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Hey are you looking for ICT in Education in ICT Policy 2072; Computer Operator MCQ teams present ICT Policy 2072 ICT in Education for you. this is the part of ICT Policy 2072 Point Number 12.2.

ICT Policy 2072 ICT in Education

1. Steps will be taken to ensure that integration and deployment of ICTs in the education system will be adequately funded through government resources.

2. Partnerships will be developed with private sector and other stakeholders in the quest for increased ICT literacy;

3. E-Learning systems will be promoted to extend the reach of educational services including teachers training programs;

4. The integration of computer skills into the teaching and learning process at primary, high school and tertiary levels will be promoted and facilitated;

5. A comprehensive National ICT curriculum and qualification system will be developed covering a set of market driven competencies

6. Teacher training institutions will be capacitated to introduce programmes on teacher education in ICTs

7. The development and the adoption of IT enabled Educational Management Information Systems within the public and private educational institutions will be promoted and facilitated to improve the quality of managing educational delivery activities, operations and monitoring;

8. The development, deployment and utilization of electronic-based distance education, training and learning systems will be promoted in the Nepali educational system to complement and supplement regular, class-room based education and training;

9. Special measures will be taken to promote the participation of the private sector and other establishments including industries and businesses in industrial research as well as cutting-edge R&D activities;

10. Special schemes aimed at promoting affordable acquisition of computers and other ICT products by students, trainers and educational institutions; based upon appropriate policy measures will be formulated and implemented

11. Specific measures will be taken to encourage and facilitate collaborative research; R&D projects and knowledge transfer partnerships between Nepalese universities/ research institutions with international counterpart institutions;

12. Special programmes will be formulated and implemented to promote and facilitate the adoption of educational technologies and Internet access within the public and private educational institutions targeting all levels of the educational system

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