ICT Master Plan 2013-2017

ICT Master Plan 2013-2017

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Are you looking for Information and Communication Technology; ICT in Education ICT Master Plan 2013-2017. Computer Operator MCQ Teams facilitate the ICT Master Plan 2013-2017 on Downloadable format, everyone can download the file; for this just click on the download bottom

ICT Master Plan 2013-2017; Mission:

The mission of the Master Plan is to narrow down the digital divide through the development of ICT infrastructures, human resources, digital contents and system enhancement in education.

ICT Master Plan 2013; Vision:

The vision of the Master Plan is to ensure extensive use of ICT in education sector and contribute for access to and quality of education for all.


The main goals of ICT in Education Master Plan are:

  1. To expand equitable access to education;
  2. To enhance the quality of education;
  3. To reduce the digital divide;
  4. To improve the service delivery system in education.


To create ICT- enabled learning environment in educational institutions.

To expand the Internet access to schools and other educational institutions.

To expand the accessibility to learning resources through educational resource sharing platform.

To prepare teachers for ICT based education.

To develop favorable environment for policy making and management for ICT based education.

To enhance ICT competencies of human resources working in education sector.

To facilitate the teaching learning process through the use of interactive digital contents.

To develop and enhance policy and regulatory provisions for effective and efficient use of ICT in education.

To promote Research and Development system in education.

To strengthen Management Information System (MIS) and Office Automation System (OAS) in education sector.

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