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Generation of Computer | Computer Fundamental Notes

Computer Fundamental Notes

This is the Computer Fundamental Notes portion here we are focus on Generation of Computer under computer fundamental notes.

Classification of computer in different time period on the basis of their technological development is known as Generation of Computer. There are five ‘5’ generation of computer which is mention below.

First Generation Computer (1940-1950)

TechnologyVacuum Tube
InputPunched Card
Storage DeviceMagnetic Drums, Magnetic Tapes
SizeLarge, Bulky
SpeedVery Slow (Measured in Millisecond)
ExampleENIAC, EDSAC, EDVAC, IBM-650,702,705

Second Generation of Computer (1950-1960)

InputPunched Card
SizeSmaller Compare to 1st generation
Storage DeviceMagnetic core memories
SpeedFaster (Measured in Microsecond)
ExampleIBM 7000, ATLAS, MARK-III, Honeywell-200

Third Generation of Computer (1960-1970)

TechnologyIntegrated Circuits (IC)
Input DevicePunched Card, Keyboard
Output DevicePaper, Monitor
Storage DeviceSemi Conductor Memory, Magnetic Disk, Magnetic Tape
SizeSmaller compare to previous generation
SpeedFaster compare to pervious generation (Measured in Nanosecond)
Used Operating System
ExampleIBM 360, ICL 2900

Fourth Generation Computer (1970 to Present)

Input DeviceKeyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Digitizer
Output DevicePaper, Monitor, Printer, Plotter
Storage Semiconductor Memory, Magnetic or Optical Disk (CD/DVD)
SizeSmaller than third generation computer
SpeedFaster then third generation computer (Picoseconds)
Example Pentium Series computers, IBM System 370, HP- 3000

Fifth Generation Computer

  • Will be based on Biochips
  • Will have Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Will have ability to solve problem themselves
  • Will recognize voice, image etc.
  • These computer have larger memory requirements.
  • They try to simulate the human way of thinking and reasoning.

History of Computer

Definition of computer, Features, Capabilities & Limitations and Application Area

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