Entity Relationship Model MCQ

Entity Relationship Model MCQ

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Welcome to Entity Relationship Model MCQ, here you will get (MCQ) Multiple choice question on Entity Relationship Model. This MCQ are suitable for those who are preparing computer operator and colleges student (BIT, BCA, BICT, BBA, BIM, B.Sc. CSIT, BE. Computer Engineering and many more). and this is also useful for recently examination on Lumbini Pradesh Loksewa Aayog Computer Operator Examination and National Examination Board (NEB) Computer Operator Examination.

Let’s Start Entity Relationship Model MCQ;

1. The E-R model is relevant to which of the following phases of data design?

a. Requirement analysis

b. Conceptual database design

c. Logical database design

d. None of the above

2. Which of these statement describes an entity correctly?

a. An entity is a distinguishable object that has an independent existence in the real world

b. Each entity represented by a set of attributes

c. An entity can exist either physically or conceptually

d. All of these

3. The attribute that is used to uniquely identify an instance of an entity is known as ……….

a. Unique attribute

b. Simple attribute

c. Identifying attribute

d. Multivalued attribute

4. A person has PAN card. This relationship is

a. One to One

b. One to Many

c. Many to Many

d. Many to One

5. Which of these attributes can be considered as identifying attribute for an entity Student?

a. Roll Number

b. Marks

c. Address

d. Any of the above

6. The strong entity type and weak entity type should participate in ……..

a. Many to many relationship

b. One to may relationship

c. Many to one relationship

d. One to one relationship

7. The relationship between two entity types is known as …….

a. Binary relationship

b. Two way relationship

c. Multiple relationship

d. Double relationship

8. In an E-R diagram an entity is represented by a ………

a. Square

b. Rectangle

c. Diamond-shaped box

d. Ellipse

9. Which of these statement is correct?

a. An entity may be related to only one other entity

b. An entity may be related to itself

c. An entity may be related to many other entities

d. All of these

10. The relationship between a weak entity type and its identifying entity type is known as …………..

a. Identifying relationship

b. Weak relationship

c. Strong relationship

d. Relationship type

11. An __ is a set of entities of the same type that share the same properties, or attributes.

a. Entity set

b. Relation set

c. Attribute set

d. Entity Model

12. The set of permitted values for each attribute is known as its

a. Value set

b. Action set

c. Domain

d. Both A & C

13. Entity is a ……..

a. Thing in real world

b. Object of relation

c. Model of relation

d. Present working model

14. The attributes that can be divided into sub-parts, are also known as ……….

a. Domain attribtes

b. Composite attributes

c. Simple attributes

d. Compound attributes

15. Which of the following is a single valued attribute

a. Reference

b. Register_number

c. Subject_taken

d. Address


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