Difference between Application Software and System Software

Difference between Application Software and System Software

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Difference between Application Software and System Software: A Set of programs written for a computer to perform a particular task is called software. The logical components or set of procedures to routines or instruction are called software.

Application Software:

Application software is user oriented that is used to solve the particular problem of the user and make the user’s task easier.

In contrast to system software, application software allows doing things likes to create a text documents, play game, listen to music, or surf the web. So, application software specially prepared to do certain attaining specific tasks. The software developed for user purposes is called application software.

This program directs a computer to solve user-oriented problems, such as preparing bills, calculating efficiency of the engine, preparing mark-sheet etc.

System Software:

System software is software that basically makes the computer work. The software required to execute user’s program is called system software. It is used to control and coordinate computer hardware and software.

The system software is responsible for resource management, memory management, file management, task scheduling, software repairing, language translation , and system maintenance.

It is used to allow the suer to communicate with the hardware. The system software is normally supplied by the computer manufacturer with computers.

The software is usually designed for one type of computer and cannot be used in other computer without modification. Besides of operating systems, other examples are anit-virus software, communication software and printer drivers.

System software can be classified as the operating system, utility software, language translator and device driver.

Difference between Application Software and System Software:

S.NoSystem SoftwareApplication Software
1It is developed to operate or manage the hardware components like I/O management, process management, memory management, security.It is developed to solve the suer or the make the user’s task easier.
2It is hardware oriented software.It is user oriented software.
3It is capable of running independently. It is not capable of running independently. It requires system software for its operation.
4It is a general purpose software.It is a specific purpose software.
5It is usually provided by the hardware developer along with the hardware.It is usually not provided by the hardware developer, the user has to add as per need.
6It is either cheaper or provided of free of costIt is usually expensive
7A computer cannot be operated without system software.A computer runs without application software.
8It is difficult to develop and require a high level of intelligence.It is comparatively easier to develop
9For developing system software, the user should have expert knowledge of the functioning of computer hardware also.Application software can be developed without having knowledge of computer hardware.
10Example of system software are MS-Windows, Android, Device driver, Compiler etc. Example of application software are MS-Office package, Mozilla Firefox, Tally software & banking software etc.


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