Database Multiple Choice Question

Database Multiple Choice Question

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Are you looking for Database Multiple Choice Question? here computer operator MCQ teams are collect first TEN “10” multiple choice question on database management system (DBMS).

Let’s Start the Database Multiple Choice Question:

1. Which of these is not an advantage of database system?

a. Data redundancy

b. Centralized data management

c. Program data independence

d. Data abstraction

2. Which of these DBMS language is employed by end user and programmers to manipulate data in the database?

a. Data definition language

b. Data presentation language

c. Data translation language

d. Data manipulation language

3. Which type of users query and update the database invoking some already written application programs?

a. Sophisticated users

b. Special users

c. Naive users

d. System analysts

4. Which of these individual plays an importants role in defining and maintaining a data base for an organization?

a. System analyst

b. Database administrator

c. Application programmer

d. All of the above

5. The information about data in a database is called …………..

a. Metadata

b. Teradata

c. Hyper data

d. None of the above

6. Which of these levels deals with the physical representation of the database on the computer?

a. External level

b. Conceptual level

c. Internal level

d. None of these

7. The ability to change the conceptual schema without affecting the external schemas or application programs is known as ………..

a. Program data independence

b. Logical data independence

c. Physical data independence

d. Data abstraction

8. Which of these data models is an extension of relational data model?

a. Object oriented data model

b. Object relational data model

c. Semi structured data model

d. None of these

9. Which of these is not a feature of Hierarchical Model?

a. Organizes the data in tree-like structure

b. Parent node can have any number of child nodes

c. Root node does not have any parent

d. Child node can have any number of parent nodes

10. Which of these is not a representational data model?

a. Entity relationship model

b. Hierarchical data model

c. Relational data model

d. Network data model


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