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Concept of Multimedia | Computer Fundamental Notes

Computer Fundamental Notes

Hey this is computer fundamental notes for computer operator and others who are studying at school level and higher level in this portion we are focused on Concept of Multimedia.

What is Multimedia?

Multimedia is the use of a computer to present and combine text, graphics, audio/video, animation, image with links and tools that let the user navigate, interact, create and communicate.

Multimedia is the combination of two or more than two media performing at the same time. It is the integration of as least a discrete and a continuous media. Media such as; text, graphics, image, audio/ video etc.

The Component of Multimedia:

  1. Text
  2. Graphics / Image
  3. Audio
  4. Video
  5. Animation

1. Text:

  • Text can be a word, a single line or a paragraph. It is a original words and form of a written or printed work.
  • Text includes alphabets, numbers and symbols.
  • The textual data for multimedia can be developed using any text editor. (e.g ms-word processing)
  • The text can be different type, color, size and style.

2. Graphic / Image:

  • The term Graphics refers to the image or pictures.
  • Also we called Non-text information, such as image, photograph, sketch and charts etc.
  • Image represents picture capture from the real world whereas graphics represents picture developed by using graphical objects.
  • A graphics can express the ideal or information in an easier way than the text.

3. Audio

  • An audio is the sound which is audible to human ear. Different type of audio used in multimedia are: human voice, instrumental notes, natural sound.
  • It is one of the important component. Video also includes audio.

4. Video

  • A video is the continuous frames of static pictures. Generally, when 20-25 frames per second are displayed, it looks like smooth running video.
  • Video is the collection of large number of related images along with audio.
  • Video contains images, figures, graphs, animation and sound.

5. Animation

  • An Animation is the sequence of steam images displayed in rapid succession to provide visual effects.
  • It is the displaying of image in a sequence.
  • It provides life to the computer generated image.
  • It is commonly used in cartoons, movies, video games and video.

Application of Multimedia

There are various areas where we can used multimedia. They are mention below.

  1. Education
  2. Entertainment
  3. Web page
  4. Business
  5. Office
  6. Communication

Advantage of Multimedia

  • It increases learning effectiveness.
  • It is more appealing over traditional lecture-based learning methods.
  • It offers significant potential in improving personal communications, education and training efforts.
  • It reduce training costs
  • It is easy to use
  • It provides high-quality video images and audio.

Disadvantage of Multimedia

  • It is expensive
  • It is not always easy to configure
  • It requires special hardware
  • It is not always compatible

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