Computer Operator Syllabus Karnali Pradesh

Computer Operator Syllabus Karnali Pradesh

Curriculum Karnali Pradesh

Are you looking for Computer Operator Syllabus Karnali Pradesh? Here Computer Operatro MCQ teams are upload computer operator syllabus of karnali pardesh you can download this syllabus form below link.

Computer Operator Syllabus 5th Level for Karnali Pradesh:

In Karnali Pradesh computer operator examination there are 35*1=35 marks multiple choice question (MCQ) and 3*5=15 marks short answer question total 50 marks and pass marks is 20. Time 45 minute

written examination language: you can write both language English and Nepali.

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Format

  1. Computer Fundamentals 10*1=10
  2. Word Processing 7*1=7
  3. Electronic Spreadsheet 7*1=7
  4. Presentation System 1*1=1
  5. Database Management System 4*1=4
  6. Operating System 4*1=4
  7. Web page Designing 2*1=2

Written Examination Format

One question form Computer Fundamentals 1*5=5,

One question form word processing, electronic spreadsheet, presentation system and database management system any one topic 1*5=5 and,

One question form Operating System or web page designing 1*5=5

Computer Operator Syllabus Karnali Pradesh

Computer Operator Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

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