Computer Operator Subjective Question

Computer Operator Subjective Question

Computer C.O. Subjective Computer Operator Old Sets

Computer Operator MCQ teams are trying to collect the Computer Operator Subjective Question for those who are preparing computer operator examination for public service commission (PSC) and other organizational institution.

Computer Operator Subjective Question of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC):

  1. What is a computer system? Explain various components of a computer system with a block diagram.
  2. What are the functions of an operating system? What are the basic measures that you can in order to tune and maximize the performance of windows operating system? (OS Quiz)
  3. a. What is section break? Briefly describe different sections breaks available in MS-Word.
    b. What do you mean by chart in excel? Define different types of chart in brief.
  4. What are the data types used in MS-Access database? Describe any six of them along with the storage size taken by each data types. (Notes: MCQ on MS-Access Link)
  5. a. Explain about importance of MS-PowerPoint Distinguish between slide transition and custom animation.
    b. What do you mean by HTML? State the importance of HTML in world wide web.

Computer Operator Subjective Question of Dairy Development Corporation (DDC)

  1. Define Transistors and Field Effect Transistors and its types. What are registers? List out the type of registers according to the method of data input and output.
  2. What is Direct Memory Access (DMA)? Why are the read and write control lines in a DMA controller bi-directional?
  3. How an Operating System performs process and memory management tasks?
  4. Describe computer networks. List out the OSI reference model and describe 3 of them.
  5. What is digital signature? Discuss how digital signature is used for message authentication.
  6. Write notes on Multimedia Technology.
  7. How is style sheet used in webpage design?
  8. Explain pivot tables and its uses
  9. What is database normalization and DE-Normalization?
  10. Write any fie strategies of ICT Policy, 2072.
  11. Describe how a one-way has function may be used for message authentication.
  12. Write the differences between RISC and CISC.


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