Computer Operator Subjective Question

Computer Operator Subjective Question 2075

Computer C.O. Subjective

Are you looking for Computer Operator Subjective Question? here computer operator MCQ teams are collect Computer Operator Subjective Paper from dugdha bikash sansthan (Dairy Development Corporation ‘DDC) Examination held on 2075/02/06.

Computer Operator Subjective Question;

1. What is computer? Differentiate analog and digital computer. (Marks 1+3=4)

2. What is operating system “OS”? Write down two major differences between system software and utility software. (Marks 2+2=4)

3. What do you understand by internal and external commands in MS-DOS, why are they called internal and external? How are they different. (Marks 4)

4. Define functions used in spreadsheet package. What are the advantages of using function. (Marks 4)

5. How are charts useful in Excel? Compare any two chart types available in Excel. (Marks 2+2=4)

6. What do you understand DBMS? Explain. (Marks 4)

7. Describe ‘schema’ in Database Management System ‘DBMS’ (Marks 4)

8. What do you mean by ‘conditional statement’ in programming language? Explain it with syntax. (Marks 2+2=4)

9. Write down any four benefits of computer networking. (Marks 4)

10. What do you mean by E-mail? How does it work? Explain (Marks 4)


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