Computer Operator Question Karnali Pradesh 2079-2-15

Computer Operator Question Karnali Pradesh 2079-2-15

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Computer Operator Question Karnali Pradesh 2079-2-15, This Computer Operator Examination conduct by Pradesh Loksewa Aayog karnali Pradesh Surkhet. Whrere total 35 Multiple choice question are given and 3 subjective question total marks are 50. for more

Computer Operator Question Karnali Pradesh 2079-2-15

1. Which of the following is related to preventing unauthorized access to information?

a. ICT Policy
b. Privacy ACT
c. Electronic Transaction Act
d. National Communication Policy

2. A computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying and navigating between web pages is called

a. Navigator
b. File explorer
c. Web Browser
d. Word Processor

3. A function inside another Function is called …………….

a. Nested Function
b. Round Function
c. Sum Function
d. Text Function

4. The ghost text that appears behind the text is known as

a. Air Mark
b. Shade Mark
c. Water Mark
d. Shadow Mark

5. How to insert the Page Break in Word:

a. Enter
b. ALT+Enter
c. CTRL+Enter
d. SHIFT+Enter

Computer Operator Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Preparation

6. In MS-Word, frequently used tasks can be automated using ……………

a. Mail merge
b. Macro
c. Thesaurus
d. Spell checker

7. Which of the following feature in MS-Word can help you locate misspelled words and correct them as you type?

a. Spell checker
b. Auto correct
c. Find and Replace
d. None of the above

8. Indentation is used to ……………

a. Make text readable
b. Change the paragraph color
c. Apply boarder around text
d. Change line spacing

9. Gutter Margin is…………..

a. Added to the left of margin when printing
b. Added to the right margin when printing
c. Added to the binding side of the page when printing
d. Added to the outside of the page when printing

10. <title> ……… </title> is included inside ………………

a. <body> </body>
b. <head> </head>
c. <div> </div>
d. None of the above

11. The tag used to add images to HTML documents is………

a. <FONT>
b. <HR>
c. <H1>
d. <IMG>

12. Which function in excel helps rotate (switch) the values from rows and columns and vice versa?


13. Which feature is used for monitoring all document changes?

a. Edit Document
b. Monitor Change
c. Track Change
d. Track All

14. Which of the following is not a correct method of editing the cell content?

a. Press the ALT Key
b. Press the F2 key
c. Click the formula bar
d. Double click the cell

15. ……… Updates the data in a Pivot table when the source data change.

a. Format report
b. Pivot table
c. Refresh data
d. Show data

16. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called………..

a Accessing
b. Referencing
c. Filtering
d. Customizing

17. In goal seek, ‘by changing cell’ refers to the cell…………..

a. Containing the out come formula
b. Containing the constraints
c. That you are attempting to calculate
d. Containing the target value

18. Which chart would be better to track the progress of stock market on a daily basis?

a. Pie
b. Line
c. Bar
d. Scatter

19. The operating system keeps the information of files in a table called

a. File Folder Table (FFT)
b. File Index Table (FIT)
c. File Allocation Table (FAT)
d. Directory Index Table (DIT)

20. Which statement is FALSE?

a. you can find deleted files in recycle bin
b. you can restore any files in recycle bin in you need
c. you can increase free space of disk by sending files in recycle bin
d. you can right click and choose empty recycle in to clean it at once

21. Which of the following is NOT a system Tool?

a. Disk Management
b. Disk Defragmenter
c. Backup
d. Virus Scanning

22. Which command can be used to create or change name of volume of Disk?

d. FAT

Computer Operator Subjective Notes

23. Microsoft Access is a

d. Network Database Model

24. Which of the following database objects asks a question of information in a database and then display the result?

a. Tables
b. Reports
c. Queries
d. Forms

25. Which of the key to represent relationship between tables?

a. primary key
b. secondary key
c. foreign key
d. tertiary key

26. Which of the following causes retrieval of any kind of data from a database?

a. key
b. query
c. indexing
d. relationship

27. To insert a new slide in the current presentation, we can choose…………..


28. What does ASCII stands for?

a. American Standard Code for Information Interchange
b. American Scientific Code for Information Interchange
c. American Scientific Code for Interchanging Information
d. American Standard Code for Interchanging Information

29. BIOS stands for………………

a. Base Interface Operating System
b. Basic Input Output System
c. Base Interaction for Output System
d. Basic Interface to Operating System

30. The unit that processes logical and arithmetical operation…………..

a. ALU
b. Control Unit
c. Memory Unit
D. Cache Unit

31. The act of exploiting human weaknesses to gain access to personal information and protected system is known as……………

a. Trojan Monuver
b. DDOS Exectuin
c. Social Engineering
d. Worm Infiltration

32. Which of the following is the protoal that provides email facility?

a. FTP

33. As compared to the secondary memory, the primary memory of a computer is.

a. large
b. cheap
c. fast
d. slow

34. Hexadecimal numbers are a mixture of…………

a. octal and decimal number
b. binary and octal number
c. letters and decimal numbers
d. binary and decimal numbers

35. You Suspect a virus has entered your computer. What will not be affected by the virus?

b. Boot sector
c. Floppy disks
d. Program file

Computer Operator Subjective Question Karnali Pradesh 2079-02-15

1. Define hardware. Differentiate between device driver and firmware.

2. What is an electronic spreadsheet? Explain how MS-Excel spreadsheet is organized.

3. What is an operating system? Differentiate between internal and external commands of DOS with example.

Computer Operator Subjective Examination Notes:

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