Computer Operator Practical Set-1

Computer Operator Practical Set-1

Computer Operator Practical Set

Hey everyone this is Computer Operator MCQ’s Computer Operator Practical Set-1 here we will trying to make computer operator practical sets for those who are preparing computer operator practical examination of PSC. we hope this practical sets are help your examination of computer operator.

From Microsoft Word Processing:Word MCQ Quiz

Copy the paragraph form English typing and perform following activities

  1. Apply 14 pt font size with italic for heading and align will be center.
  2. Apply line spacing 1.5 lines for fourth paragraph and right align it.
  3. Insert footnote (Computer Operator Preparation with for the underline word of the second paragraph.
  4. Set the page orientation landscape.

Computer Operator Practical Set-1 From Microsoft Spreadsheet (Excel): “Excel MCQ Quiz

Perform the following activities on Excel with four student

S. NoName of StudentEnglishMathComputerNepaliPopulationTotalsResults
1Ram Thapa
2Shyam Thapa
3Sita Sharma
4Gita Paudel
  1. Calculate the Total marks obtained by students.
  2. Calculate the Results whether the students are passed or failed.
    Note: minimum passed marks is 35
  3. Insert a suitable chart for compare the different subject marks obtained by student.
  4. Use data validation to allow minimum marks 0 and maximum marks is 100.

From Microsoft PowerPoint “PowerPoint MCQ Quiz

  1. Create a slide with “Computer Operator MCQ Dot Com” as a title and a clip art with slide transition start automatically after 3 second
  2. Create photo album with any 5 image.
  3. Create a presentation with 5 slides and insert “Computer Operator MCQ Dot Com” as a footer

From Microsoft Access “Access MCQ Quiz

Create a table with Five “5” Employee (Emp Name, Basic Salary, Address, Phone Number and Gender) and Show the Salary of Male Employee

From Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Create a following form


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