Computer Operator Practical Question Set-1

Computer Operator Practical Question Set-1

C.O Practical

Hey readers here we are trying to help you for your computer operator practical examination. Here we prepare Computer Operator Practical Question Set-1, question are given below.

Time: 30 Min

1. Copy the text from question number two and perform following tasks.

a. Make the first line indentation 1.5″ for 2nd and 4 th paragraph
b. Apply 2″ line spacing for 2nd paragraph and 1.5″ for 1st and 3rd paragraph.
c. Insert footnote for “Verity” text “Computer Operator MCQ DOT Com” font-size: 8pt, font-family: Ariel
d. Make 2 columns for 2nd paragraph, column width should be equal.
e. Page orientation should be landscape.

2. Prepare the following table and calculate the empty field.

Symbol NoNameEngNepMathSciTotalAverageResultRemarks

Remarks: If any one subject have “abs” display “A”, display the RANK

3. Import the Excel table on Microsoft Access and perform the given operation.

a. Set the primary key for Symbol Number.
b. create a query to sort the data descending order based on total marks.
c. create a query to display Symbol No, Name Result and Remarks only.

4. Prepare a PowerPoint slide show, slide should be Five and apply animation on every slide animation should be different each other, apply one themes for first 3 slide and remaining 2 slide should have another themes, apply slide number accept first slide.

5. Create a Webpage about Public Service Commission (PSC) which contains one table, bullets and numbering and link PSC to (

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