Computer Operator Old Set-2

Computer Operator Old Set-2

Computer Operator Old Sets

Hey readers this is our Computer Operator Old Set-2, section in this section we are collect from Pradesh Loksewa Aayog, Gandaki Pradesh, Pokhara. examination held on 2078/11/14; hope you are read our Computer Operator Old Set-1, if you are not read this go through here.

Notes: If we have make some mistake while giving answer the question please comment the correct answer we will correct them. Thank you !!!

1. The topology which requires a central controller or hub is called as:

A. Mesh Topology
B. Star Topology
C. Bus Topology
D. Ring Topology

2. Which of them is not a Network Topology?

A. Star
B. Mesh
C. Ring
D. Peer to Peer

3. The ASCII value of Letter ‘A’ is:

A. 97
B. 67
C. 65
D. 95

4. As per the Electronic Transaction Act 2008, the digital signature and certificate may by revoked for:

A. Death of the subscriber
B. Upon proving that requirements were not fulfilled completely
C. If false information were provided during issuance
D. All of the above

5. Which of the following is the high speed memory used in computer?

B. Hard disk
C. Cache memory

6. Pasting a website content to MS-Word to reflect the style of word document’s cursor can be achieved by:

A. Ctrl+V
B. Ctrl+Alt+V
C. Ctrl+Shift+V
D. Alt+Shift+V

7. A computer operator is writing in Preeti Font. Same characters do change while being typed. The correct location to customize the setting do disable the auto changing is:

A. Symbols
B. Macros
C. Spelling and Grammar
D. Auto Correct

8. Example of computer font is:

A. Bold
B. Italic
C Arial
D. 40pt

9. The page default size is letter. It needs to be change to A4. It can be done by setting:

A. Page layout
B. Ruler
C. Format painter
D. Section break

10. Choose the applications which provide the facilities of word processing:
A. Microsoft Word
B. Open office writer
C. WordPad
D. All of the above

Madhan Bhandari Health Science Institute Old paper for Computer Operator

11. When designing an HTML page, the title bar text can be changed by using:

A. <head>……… </head>
B. <body> <title> …….. </title> </body>
C. <head> <title> ……… </title> </head>
D. <body> <h1> …….. </h1> </body>

12. The binary equivalent of decimal number 89.625 is:

A. (1011001.101)
B. (1100111.110)
C. (1111.01100)
D. None of the above

13. Where is computer virus usually hidden?

A. Operating System
B. Application Program
C. Disk Driver
D. Both A & B

14. If you combine B5,C5 and C6 cells, you will get a big cell. What address will be reflected for this big cell?

A. B5C5
B. B5
C C5
D. B5C5B6C6

15. To run a presentation from the slide where the slide was previously stopped at, the shortcut key is:

A. Shift+F5
B. F5
C. Ctrl+Shift+F5
D. Alt+Shift+F5

16. A ………. is a pictorial depiction of the schema of a database that shows the relations in the database, their attributes, and primary keys and foreign keys:

A. Scheme diagram
B. Relational algebra
C. Database diagram
D. Scheme flow

17. How do you generate “Table of Contents” in word files?

A. Go to reference and select table of contents
B. Go to reference ad select update table
C. Go to insert and select table of contents
D. Go go insert and select update table

18. Which of the following is related to the services provided by cloud?

A. Sourcing
B. Ownership
C. Reliability
D. PaaS

19. Which of the following is not an open-source software?

A. Libra office
B. Microsoft office
C. Open office
D. VLC media player

20. FOSS is the:

A. Open source software
B. Free and open source software
C. Proprietary software
D. Public Domain Software

21. Which of the following support presentation application?

A. Google slides
B. Microsoft PowerPoint
C. Libra office Impress
D. All of the above

22. Which cloud computing feature allows the service to change in size or volume to meet user needs?

A. Security
B. Scalability
C. Cost Saving
D. Virtualization

23. Which of the following is not the advantage of database?

A. Increase data dependency
B. Reduce data redundancy
C. Increase data consistency
D. Data security

24. SQL data type to denote a character string value is:

A Char
B. Varchar
C. Text
D. All of the above

25. Which one of the following is a set of one or more attributes taken collectively to uniquely identify a record?

A. candidate key
B. Sub key
C. Super key
D. Foreign key

26. Libre Office Base is a:

A. Database Management Application
B. Word Processing Application
C. Spreadsheet Application
D. Presentation Application

27. The COUNTIF can be used to:

A. Count specific values
B. Count based on a condition
C. Both A & B
D. None of the above

28. An operator gives a range C30:L100. the cell that does not fall in this range is:

A. J31
B. L30
C. F99
D. N33

29. When you click on a spreadsheet, a rectangular box with thick outlines becomes prominent. It is called:
A. Workbook
B. Active cell
C. Cell
D. Locked Cell

30. What is the output of cell containing number 456.783, when formatted to ‘#.##’?

A. 456.783
B. 456.78
C. 4.56
D. 4.78

Computer Operator Syllabus Collection

31. To returen remainder after a number divided by a divisor in Excel, which function is used?

A. DIV()
D. MOD()

32. What PowerPoint feature will you use to apply motion effects to different objects of a slide?

A. Animation Scheme
B. Slide Transition
C. Animation Objects
D. Slide Design

33. If Ram transfers ownership of a Google Docs file to Shyam. Which of the follwoing rights is still available to Ram?

A. Change visibility options of the file
B. Permanently delete the file
C. Edit the file
D. Share file with others

34. An image editor which is similar to Adobe Photoshop is:

B. Open Office
C. Blue Fish
D. GIMP shop

35. Which of the following tag is used to add rows in the table?

A. <td> and </td>
B. <tr> and </tr>
C. <th> and </th>
D. None of the above

36. What should be the first tag in any HTML document?

A. <head>
B. <titile>
C. <html>
D. <document>

37. The arrangement of name list in sequential order is called:

A. Formatting
B. Sorting
C. Ordering
D. Listing

38. The formula to add number in cell A3 with the number in cell A4 is:

A. =ave(A3:A4)
B. sum (A3:A4)
C. =sum(A3:A4)
D. =sum(A3+A4)

39. A spreadsheet cell that is highlighted with heavy boarder is
A. Active Cell
B. Passive Cell
C. Look Cell
D. Permanent Cell

40. ……… is not spreadsheet program

A. Microsoft Excel
B. Numbers
C. Libre Office Calc
D. Libre Office Impress

41. The feature in word processer that enables to send name letter by addressing different persons

A. Template
B. Mail Merge
C. Hyperlink
D. Macros

42. Gutter margin is

A. Margin that is added to left margin when printing
B. Margin that is added to right margin when printing
C. Margin that is added to the binding side of page
D. Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing

43. A computer operator needs to search all files whose file name starts with ‘H’ and ends in ‘X’. It has an extension of docx. The correct search text is:

A. H*X.docx
B. *H*X.docx
C. *H*X.
D. H.X.*docx

44. The command used by an user to create a new directory is:

A. mkdir
B. dir
C. chdir
D. chkdsk

45. Which of the operating is not open source?

A. Linux Operating System
B. Apple MacOS
C. Free BSD operating system
D. All of the above

46. ………. is the process to copy data from one location and store in another locations as an alternative incase the original data is lost.

A. Restore
B. Backup
C. Format
D. Delete

47. Which type of software is operating system?

A. Communication software
B. Application software
C. System software
D. Word Processing software

48. Which software prevents the external access to a system

A. Firewall
B. Gateway
C. Router
D. Virus checker

49. ……….. refers to any type of application or presentation that involves more than one type of media, such as text, graphics, video, animation and sound.

A. An executable file
B. Desktop publishing
C. Multimedia
D. Hypertext

50. Which of the following languages enables storing, retrieving and manipulating data in database?

A. Java
D. C#

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