Computer Operator New Syllabus

Computer Operator New Syllabus

Computer Syllabus

Public Service Commission (PSC) “Loksewa Aayog” has been changed Computer Operator Syllabus on 2078/10/24. In computer operator new syllabus First Parts includes 50 marks form General Awareness & General Aptitude Test Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) where number of question is 25 and each question have 2 points (25*2=50) , 50 marks form Job Based Knowledge (Computer) Multiple choice question (MCQ) where number of question is 25 and each question have 2 points (25*2=50). In Second Parts; second parts is totally subjective 100 marks form computer were 12 question and each question have 5 points (12*5=60) and 4 question have 10 points (4*10=40). and each paper pass marks is 40.

Practical Examination and interview :

In practical examination full marks is 50 and pass marks is 25. In the practical examination there are English and Nepali Typing where each typing test have 5/5 marks each total typing marks is 10, and timing is 5 minute each typing test, and other 40 marks include Microsoft word processing 12 marks, Electronic Spreadsheet 12 marks, Database Management System have 6 marks, Presentation system have 5 marks and web page designing have 5 marks, and total time for 40 marks is 35 minute. and interview marks is 30.

Computer Operator New Syllabus

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