Concept of Multimedia

Concept of Multimedia | Computer Fundamental Notes

Hey this is computer fundamental notes for computer operator and others who are studying at school level and higher level in this portion we are focused on Concept of Multimedia. What is Multimedia? Multimedia is the use of a computer to present and combine text, graphics, audio/video, animation, image with links and tools that let […]

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Computer System, Computer Fundamental Notes

Computer System | Computer Fundamental Notes

Welcome to Computer Fundamental Notes Portion, in this section we are focused on Overview of Computer System. In Computer System section we cover following topic: What is computer system? Data and Data ProcessingComputer Hardware : Input Unit, Output Unit, Storage Unit, Processing Unit and other. Software: type of software, programing language. firmware, cache memory etc. […]

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Generation of Computer

Generation of Computer | Computer Fundamental Notes

This is the Computer Fundamental Notes portion here we are focus on Generation of Computer under computer fundamental notes. Classification of computer in different time period on the basis of their technological development is known as Generation of Computer. There are five ‘5’ generation of computer which is mention below. First Generation Computer (1940-1950) Technology […]

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Computer Fundamental Notes

Computer Definition |Features |Capabilities & Limitations | Computer Fundamental Notes

Welcome to Computer Operator Notes portion; this section focus on Computer Fundamental Notes where we are trying to cover Computer Definition, Features, Capabilities & Limitations of computer. What is Computer? Computer Stands for: C : CommonlyO : OperatedM : MachineP : ParticularlyU : Used forT : TradeE : Education andR : Research The terms Computer […]

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