Assistant Computer Operator Written Exam Question

Assistant Computer Operator Written Exam Question

Computer C.O. Subjective

Hey are you looking for Assistant Computer Operator Written Exam Question, Here Computer Operator MCQ teams are collected Computer Operator Written Examination paper which exam conduct on 2079/05/23 by Public Service Commission (PSC) for fourth level computer operator. Which is based on New Syllabus of Assistant Computer Operator.

Let’s Start Assistant Computer Operator Written Exam Question:

Section “A”

1. Differentiate between firmware and cache memory. (5 marks)

2. What do you understand by a software? Explain its types. (1+4=5 marks)

3. Briefly explain the functions of operating system. (5 marks)

4 Explain the process of mail merge with example. (5 marks)

5. Compare and contrast between Absolute Cell Reference and Relative Cell Reference with suitable example (5 marks)

6. What do you mean by system tools in operating system? Briefly explain about disk defragmenter and restore tools of Windows OS. (1+4=5 marks)

7. Explain the generation of Computer with key features of every generation in details. (10 marks)

8. Explain the importance of pivot table using example. Write down any five useful function of MS-excel (5+5=10 marks)

Section “B”

9.What is primary and foreign key in database. Clarify it with examples (5 marks)

10. What is formatting and validating field data in database management system? Give an example to illustrate. (5 marks)

11. What is presentation system? Explain the usages of presentation system in government office. (5 marks)

12. Define IP address, subnet mask and default gateway. (5 marks)

13. What is cyber security? What are the various common security threats? (2+3=5 marks)

14. Discuss the function, duties and powers of controller as per Electronic Transaction Act. (5 marks)

15. What do you understand by Topology? Explain various topologies in details with a diagram. (2+8=10 marks)

16. Explain about various security mechanisms in details. (10 marks)

Assistant Computer Operator Written Exam Question

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