Assistant Computer Operator Syllabus

Assistant Computer Operator Syllabus | Sangh


Public Service Commission (PSC) has been change their Assistant Computer Operator Syllabus 4th Level. The change Syllabus of Computer Operator Assistant there are two paper first and second where first paper have 50 Marks GK & IQ (25*2=50) and and 50 Marks from Computer MCQ (25*2=50). The pass marks for first paper is 40 marks and time is 45 minute.

In Second paper total marks is 100 and pass marks is 40, which is job based knowledge that means question related to Computer and there are 12 question with 5 marks each question (Short question) and 4 question with 10 marks (long question) and written examination time is 2 hour 15 minute.

Practical Marks distribution are :

Assistant Computer Operator Syllabus

Computer Operator Syllabus 5th level Sangh Click Here

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